Deploying Hugo Site

Now that the techblog is migrated to Hugo, it was time to upload the new site and switch to it.

While the posts have 1:1 the same URL, the static content has other names :

  • pages like “About”
  • RSS feed

Most of the file don’t really matter in terms of SEO and site ranking, so I’ll leave it open to the serach engine to re-discover them.

The RSS feeds which were located at /feeds/.rss.xml are now located at /index.xml, and there are no more subfeeds. Assuming only few people (if any !) have subscribed to the subfeeds, and only the all feed is relevant, I have a made a redirection in the nginx config, to forward requests to any feed to the new /index.xml file.

rewrite ^/feeds /index.xml permanent;

Interestingly, I’ve found no pages on the web dealing with this issue. Several pages about keeping the posts at the same URL