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In case you want to contact me securely, you can use following possibilities :

  • PGP : my Key is signed by various people
    • Key fingerprint DA62 0DCB FEF6 3F00 A7B6 1D25 822E E70C D482 7E51
  • SMIME 1 (for home (at) : my Key is signed by StartCom and should thus be validated out of the box by most of the mail agents.
    • Key fingerprint 224F 55F9 0722 F42C D5B3 00EC 28BE 5334 0759 2417
    • Validity : from 2014-12-01 through 2015-12-02
    • Restrictions of this free key is the limited bit size and used hashing algorithms
    • Furthermore though the key is generated locally within the browser (and not remotely at StartCom !), there is no possibility to influence the generation nor to provide a key generated through other ways
    • Nevertheless I am not aware of real security threats related to these
  • SMIME 2 (for secure (at) : for the paranoids out there I have generated a high-security key, signed by my own Signing CA, which in turn is signed by my own Root CA
    • Key fingerprint C319 3D39 498D 0380 BAE0 4ED2 B31B 5CCA 1DB2 B8DE
    • Validity : from 2020-11-08 to 2022-11-08
    • Root CA fingerprint C6E0 D005 9E6D 1DB8 F0F3 BBE4 AC8E EA66 2652 3A86
    • Validity : from 2015-03-18 to 2025-03-17
    • Signing CA fingerprint D3C3 5F05 CCC7 2B31 A9FC 51D6 516A 74C2 013C 3C1E
    • Validity : from 2015-03-18 to 2025-03-17